Special Projects

Nirvana Projects

Nirvana Project is an hour long concert that takes you on a journey into the world of Kurt Cobain through the fingers of pianist AyseDeniz and the beats of Ivan Shopov.

Cappadocia Video Project

AyseDeniz has always wanted to shoot music videos in her favourite place and a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Cappadocia.

Beethoven Senses: Silent Disco

“Beethoven Senses: Silent Disco” is a project by AyseDeni, an immersive journey into Beethoven’s inner world, in which through headphones, the audience first enters into a party atmosphere hearing remixes of Beethoven's music, and then they sit down and watch the performance live.

Beethoven Mektubu

Letters of Beethoven

Pink Floyd Classical Concept

Pink Floyd Classical Concept premiered in Argentina in December 2013. It is a solo classical piano concert with atmospheric sound effects by Kevin Bryce, made from the actual recordings of the piano manipulated by the computer.​

A Chopin Affair

A Chopin Affair performance is a show with two contrasting artists: one street and one conceptual painting live to AyseDeniz performing Chopin.