'Send Me a Letter' is a letter made of musical notes. It is a call to communicate through a long time forgotten medium which you show care. AyseDeniz says “when people visit a magical place they would send a postcard to the person dearest to them. I want my listeners and fans to bring back that tradition and send this musical letter to their loved ones when they enter my Dreamscape universe.” 


When you purchase 'Send Me a Letter' by AyşeDeniz - Sheet Music (PDF) you will be able to download the sheet music in the form of a 3 page pdf either from your order confirmation page or from the email we will send you. 


Stream here on Spotify/Apple: http://bit.ly/SendMeALetter

'Send Me A Letter' by AyşeDeniz - Sheet Music (PDF)

  • Instruments: Solo Piano
    File type: PDF
    Pages: 3
    Title: Send Me a Letter
    Composer: Aysedeniz Gokcin
    Price: £3
    Level: Easy