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Following the release of her Pink Floyd Classical Concept Album which attracted the interest of Prog-Rock world, Aysedeniz Gokcin (Royal Academy of Music & Eastman School of Music alumnus) returns to classical and grunge with #NirvanaClassical: A curious and eclectic album, merging grunge rock with classical virtuoso piano, influenced by classical composers such as Serge Prokofieff, Rachmaninoff and Frédéric Chopin.


Always seeking new ideas, AyseDeniz has pulled inspiration from the lyrics and motifs of Nirvana’s music to create her own adaptations. Also a composer, as well as an outstanding pianist, she has made the tracks her own, connecting rock and grunge with classical music, in an authentic, intimate and nostalgic way.


Beware: The tracks in the album are not conventional covers and they do not sound exactly the same as the originals. AyseDeniz uses "thematic transformation" (a technique used by composers like Liszt, Berlioz or John Williams) to bring the motifs and themes from the original songs in parts, and develop them throughout the pieces, creating a level of suspense and a developing storyline, without giving away the whole melody too soon. "Come As You Are" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" are examples of this.


The difference between Nirvana Project and Nirvana Classical is that Nirvana Project has a few more tracks and electronic beats. Nirvana Classical is the unplugged version for acoustic piano lovers.


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