This album comes signed by AyseDeniz. It is a compilation of her original compositions and classical piano arrangements of rock songs.


"In my lyrical and meditative piano pieces, I played around with some of the harmonic structures that are the building blocks of Coldplay songs and have changed the texture into a Chopinesque style. They have lots of colour and positivity as well as nostalgic feelings. In today's fast and loud city life, I would like this album to relax and calm people down.


There are also two tribute tracks: Elegy for Grenfell Tower, which I witnessed during my time in London in much pain and shock, and the "In The End" cover I arranged, dedicated to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, who passed away last year in 2017.


Along with these, there is a great tango that I love, by Astor Piazzolla, as well as a folk song called Cokertme from the Aegean Region of Turkey, that I arranged in a jazzy way.


My composition "Plastic Prelude" represents how sad I am to see humans pollute our oceans and is a call for action.


I hope that these selections will evoke emotions in every one and let us seek peace with our past and seek hope for our future." - AyseDeniz

"Covers & Originals" CD