A composer, a classical-rock crossover pianist.

She was a child prodigy; performed Bach’s 5th Clavier Concerto with orchestra at the age of 9.  


With a bachelor's and master’s degree in Piano Performance from Eastman School of Music in NY and the Royal Academy of Music in London, AyseDeniz fuses classical with rock music through a dramatic and gripping performance.


Her Pink Floyd Classical Concept and Nirvana Project albums received worldwide appreciation by both classical and rock music fans. 


Her original minimalist-romantic piano albums ‘Earth Prelude’ & ‘Motus’ released in 2019 & 2020 reached millions of streams. 


She performed sold out concerts in Italy, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Germany, UK, USA, Bulgaria, Russia and Turkey, igniting the love for piano in people.


BBC Music Magazine named her a “rising star”, and she appeared on Classic FM, BBC News UK, The Herald Scotland, as well as Le Figaro France.


The Arts Council England endorsed her under the Exceptional Talent Visa.

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Photo by Dad.

Motus is a collection of short piano pieces AyseDeniz Gokcin wrote inspired by moments from her daily life, travels and nature. The title Motus (meaning motion) represents the movement of emotions through music. Each track in the album represents an experience, such as returning home from a wildfire, watching art cars at Burning Man, or the cyclical patterns of the ocean waves.

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Original Compositions

AyseDeniz has always wanted to shoot music videos in her favourite place and a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Cappadocia. Just like what she does at home since childhood and at her concerts,  she selected 7 tracks ranging from many genres: from Beethoven to Coldplay, Linkin Park to her original compositions. Below is the vlog on how they shot them in 2.5 days and the 7 videos! Enjoy and subscribe to her YouTube channel if you like them!