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"Send me a letter", "Sing me a lullaby"... AyseDeniz implores people to connect through her musical universe “Dreamscape”

The pianist-composer’s new album written during the pandemic, offers joy and consolation through music 

  • On 2 October 2020, pianist/composer Aysedeniz Gokcin (known as AyseDeniz) released her much-awaited album of new compositions. 

  • At the beginning of the pandemic, she fled to her parents’ home to be amongst family and friends to see out the crisis. During the first weeks of March, AyseDeniz took to Facebook to bring joy through music to her followers every day, giving 24 consecutive concerts live from her home, which she started by applauding all healthcare workers. Her audience included NHS nurses, Italian doctors, American hospitality workers, Turkish office workers, and families from Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Spain whose lives turned upside down globally in a matter of days. They all said the same thing: “Thank you for letting us escape reality even for a short time”.

  • During these weeks, AyseDeniz composed new pieces which reflected her inner world and created an alternate musical universe where listeners can escape from the realities of the world: Dreamscape. The album seeks to strengthen human connection that we lost in the digital age. She explores romantic and intimate themes:

  • “Send me a letter” is a letter made of musical notes. It is a call to communicate through a long time forgotten medium which you show care. AyseDeniz says “when people visit a magical place they would send a postcard to the person dearest to them. I want my listeners and fans to bring back that tradition and send this musical letter to their loved ones when they enter my Dreamscape universe.” 

  • “Sing me a lullaby” is another track yearning for intimacy and human connection – a new lullaby to be sung at home. The track is written for piano and violin, parent and baby, a wordless lullaby to be shared in every cot and crib.

  • “Forest of Forgotten Wishes” is a tribute to all those who we have forgotten or lost in the pandemic – the homeless, the vulnerable, the lonely. Those who need support and community are honoured in this piece. The vocals symbolise a choir of orphaned children, who say “please don’t abandon us, we also have wishes and dreams”. 

  • “Write my name on mountains” is a peak of the album, an emotionally charged, feel-good ballad exploring our greatest expectations from love.

  • “Wonders of Venice” represent the clear waters, and the wildlife returning to normal. It is inspired by snapshots captured directly from the pandemic. 

  • A rising star of social media, Aysedeniz has always had tropes of fans across her platforms, now more than 150K fans and 9 million views on Facebook, 73K fans on Instagram, and over 7 million views on YouTube and 3 million streams on Spotify and Apple each. These platforms have provided her fans with direct access, and her dedication to her fans remains a key part of her artistic platform. This album is for them, and all those who have contributed to healing and supporting everyone affected by pandemic.

  • Her previous all original album “Earth Prelude” (an environmental hymn) had entered the top 10 iTunes Classical Charts in UK, USA and Turkey.          

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A composer, a classical-rock crossover pianist with prominent and colourful online presence.

She was a child prodigy; performed Bach’s 5th Clavier Concerto with orchestra at the age of 9.  


With a bachelor's and master’s degree in Piano Performance from Eastman School of Music in NY and the Royal Academy of Music in London, AyseDeniz fuses classical with rock music through a dramatic and gripping performance.


Her Pink Floyd Classical Concept and Nirvana Project albums received worldwide appreciation by both classical and rock music fans. 


Her original minimalist-romantic piano albums ‘Earth Prelude’ & ‘Motus’ released in 2019 & 2020 reached millions of streams. 


She performed sold out concerts in Italy, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Germany, UK, USA, Bulgaria, Russia and Turkey, igniting the love for piano in people.


BBC Music Magazine named her a “rising star”, and she gained critical acclaim on International Piano Magazine, Classic FM, BBC News UK, The Herald Scotland, as well as Le Figaro France.


The Arts Council England endorsed her under the Exceptional Talent Visa.

She now has over 250K fans online, 20 Million views on FacebookYouTube and over 7 million streams on Apple/Spotify combined, each growing with her new interactive projects. 



HEY WORLD ALbum Cover.jpg

Hey World


AyseDeniz has created this album based on the music requested by her facebook fans during her Quarantine Concerts which she did daily to boost their spirits in March 2020 for 24 days in a row.


They range from film scores like Cinema Paradiso and Titanic, to classical hits such as Claire de Lune and Canon in D. Her aim was to unite people around the world and enjoy meaningful moments through music to support each other.


The name Hey World comes from the interactive video of Hey Jude track, for which she asked her fans to send her videos of themselves singing the song by Beatles but in a slightly different setting: against covid-19. She released this special video and you can watch it here:


motus ALBUM

Out now

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Photo by Dad.

Motus is a collection of short piano pieces AyseDeniz Gokcin wrote inspired by moments from her daily life, travels and nature. The title Motus (meaning motion) represents the movement of emotions through music. Each track in the album represents an experience, such as returning home from a wildfire, watching art cars at Burning Man, or the cyclical patterns of the ocean waves.

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Pure Piano Suite Videos

AyseDeniz has always wanted to shoot music videos in her favourite place and a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Cappadocia. Just like what she does at home since childhood and at her concerts,  she selected 7 tracks ranging from many genres: from Beethoven to Coldplay, Linkin Park to her original compositions. Below is the vlog on how they shot them in 2.5 days and the 7 videos! Enjoy and subscribe to her YouTube channel if you like them!